MarinaSpots, what is it ?

Why MarinaSpots?

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MarinaSpots, what is it ?

This is the first comparative website for marina prices.
In just 2 clicks, you can see the price of your future berth, the accessible services, and quickly compare it with nearby ports.
If the port is registered on MarinaSpots, you can also reserve your berth in advance!
Whether it's for a temporary or year-round berth!!!

MarinaSpots, who is it for ?

For Navigators

Nearly 12,000 ports are already registered.
You can easily find them and quickly get contact information.
The publication of prices allows you to quickly get an overview of them.
Year-round? Periodic?
Compare the services of different ports without having to pick up your phone!

For Marinas

Be visible

MarinaSpots allows you to have increased visibility.
Thanks to the interactive map and associated suggestions, your port is no longer isolated.
Your boaters can easily find you.

Get closer to your customers

By taking control of your page, you can update your prices, services, contact information, description...

Be digital

Make it easier for yourself and stop repeating the same messages over and over again.
Thanks to our online reservation solution, you will soon be able to manage all your requests in just 2 clicks.

Why MarinaSpots ?

This is the first question everyone asks us!
You, who must have searched for prices of certain marinas, realized that it was difficult, if not impossible, to find them.
And we won't even talk about comparison!
MarinaSpots was created for this purpose: To have a quick answer regarding the price, to be able to compare and reserve your berth quickly.

When was it launched ?

It's pretty new actually.
It has been launched in April 2023 :).

Why prices are missing ?

Indeed, it depends on the marinas.
While waiting for them to take control of their page, we strive to update them as quickly as possible.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to help us ;)

What's the future ?

We continue to update the prices every day.
Do not hesitate to help us.
We are waiting for your message via the contact form ;).
As a Harbor Master, you will soon be able to take control of your marina!